How to Write Fast: 5 Simple Steps To Writing Smarter

When you’re building a business, you need to write fast. Maybe you’re writing notes for a video script. Or maybe you’re writing a blog post. Or maybe you’re just writing an email to a colleague. But if you’re not a writer, writing can be so tedious and time consuming. And it can make you want to rip your hair out. No. Hair looks too good right now. Continue reading “How to Write Fast: 5 Simple Steps To Writing Smarter”

Help! My Keywords are Too Common

What can you do if your keywords are too common? Is there anything that can help?

Well, for a start, including misspellings in your meta tag keywords could help you to get visitors who don’t know how to spell or those who type too fast – this traffic is just as good as any other, after all. How many people do you know that use a dictionary when they don’t know how to spell a word? I certainly can’t think of many. Continue reading “Help! My Keywords are Too Common”