Product Search for Webmasters

Hi webmasters, my name is Maile Ohye, and today I’d like to talk to you about Product Search. In today’s agenda, we’ll cover four main areas. First, we’ll talk about the benefits and background of product search. Next, we’ll immediately get into the best practices when submitting information. Third, I’ll answer some of your frequently asked questions, and last, the custom webmasters have discussed difficulty when creating or submitting feeds.

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IP Delivery: Background and Considerations

Hi my name is Maile Ohye and I am a support engineer with Google Webmaster Central. Today I´d like to discuss the fairly advanced topic of IP delivery. We´ll talk about the background and some considerations should you choose to implement the IP delivery on your site Today´s topic will consist of four areas.

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Google Search Privacy: Plain and Simple

Ohye: Hi, my name is Maile Ohye. I’m a senior support engineer at Google. At Google, we work hard to make sure that when you use our search engine you find what you’re looking for. To improve our search results as well as maintain security and prevent fraud, we’ll remember some basic information about searches. Without this information, our search engine wouldn’t work as well as it does or be as secure.

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