How to Build High Quality Backlinks for Free in 2017 – Part #5

Hey guys, Xavier Kelly here. On this article, I’m gonna go over and walk you through how to get high quality backlinks. This is the final part of this series, the fifth part.

So if you hadn’t seen the first part, second part or the third or fourth part, I’m gonna leave those down in the descriptions, make sure you check those out as well but make sure you stay tuned to learn more about how to get high quality backlinks.

One, if you have a podcast or you’re thinking about starting a podcast, in your podcast directory, in your actual podcast, on the show notes, you can put links in there too as well that links back to your blog post, your website, you should try to correlate these blog posts to have a podcast as well, this really helps out in the SEO in getting those extra links and also put your website blog posts in show notes as well.

Two, submit your web app or apps to online directories as well. So if you have a web app or a mobile app, and that’s your main business model, the good thing to do is to submit your web app to different review sites and to other web app directories and then link back to your regular site to build, that’s your search engine traffic from there too as well, you can get high quality backlinks.

This is good and there’s a lot of tons of different sites to do this on, like there’s Product Hunt does one as well and you can link back from there, or a lot of the different software review sites, this is really something that you’re just looking to do if you’re more in the software area.

Three, this is something if you’re selling a product exclusively online, one thing you can do is start affiliate on program. Maybe you start affiliate program, this is really ’cause you can have hundreds to thousands to ten thousands, there are lots of affiliates out there just basically pushing back your links and helping you get much traction and actually more traffic and also more backlinks and more sales as well, so this is a great thing to do and this is a great SEO strategy but also helps you actually sell more of the product that you’re selling, so something you should really look into.

Four, add your links to all your profiles. And the reason I say to do this, most of us have over 20 different social network sites or different online communities or forums that we are part of or that we have accounts with. So go on to those sites and then add your websites on there into your profile links, something to link back to you, this is good ’cause this gives you a lot of high quality backlinks and just by doing that, it gives you 20 backlinks to your website that will raise your PR rating.

Five, create infographics and case studies that others can use in their blog posts to build more links, and this is really good right here if you’re in a good niche area where many people aren’t doing case studies, aren’t doing infographics but everyone still needs them, that’s a good way for you to get people to link back to your blog post, that you first introduced it or to your website, something you’re just looking to doing especially if you have the graphical skills to do it.

Thank you guys for reading, I hope you enjoyed this article. Hope this article really helped you figure out how to get high quality backlinks, this is the final on part in this five part series of how to get high quality backlinks.

How to Build High Quality Backlinks for Free in 2017 – Part #5

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