How to Build High Quality Backlinks for Free in 2017 – Part #4

Hey guys, Xavier Kelly. In this video I’m gonna walk you through how to get high quality backlinks. And this is part four of this series, so this is a part five series, so make sure you go check out one, two and three as well if you haven’t, and get those tips as well to get more backlinks. But stay tuned to learn more about it.

Like always, guys, I’m gonna leave all the links and the resources down in description, so make sure you check that out at the end of the video. One, use different groups and communities to help just build your authority up, and also be able to post from your content too as well. You can use this to solve people’s questions, or to give useful…

If you’re blog posts are useful to that actual group, to send that to them. Don’t use it just as a distribution, but use that to help certain people in this industry. And a couple groups you can do, you can do this on Yahoo groups, Google+, and Google’s communities as well, Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups are good ways for you to actually build your audience on those platform, and also it sends tons of traffic too as well if you’re actually giving value and putting useful links out there.

Create a Wikipedia page for yourself, or have someone else create a Wikipedia page for yourself. If you’re not really big in the Wikipedia arena, then I would say try to get someone else to do it, especially someone who has actually created them. Because there’s certain ways when you create your Wikipedia page, you need to create it in a voice that’s not first person, and is not salesy, and very passive.

So it’s something that you’re gonna want to do, and unbiased as well. But once you get one of those, you can have that person, or you if you have done it before, create a Wikipedia page and link to some of your sources from there, just describing some of the work that you had done, and just all of some accomplishments, and link to those sources as well. And you can links from there from Wikipedia, which is a high, highly ranked PR site.

Three, submit your images that you use in your blog post, especially if you created them yourself, or you took them yourself, submit them to different image directories, and then just have it in the copyright section for them to use it, if you do it for free, for them to use it they’d have to link back to your website, or to your blog post.

And this is a good way if you’re more of a photographer, or if you have very nice images and graphics that other people might wanna use too, this is a good way to build lots of organic links, and just lots of links back to your site and then build your SEO.

Four, submit your website to local directories. I’m gonna leave a link to a video which I did on this right here as well, early on. But just submit your site to local directories such as Google Places and Bing Places, Yelp, these sites right here, because Google regards these sites as very high, just very high based on relevancy, and it really helps you get more traffic from Google and boost up your rating.

Five, create YouTube videos that are very related to your blog, or to certain pages on your website, and then link from your YouTube description to your actual blog post or your website. And this helps you get your little boost as well from YouTube and Google.

And this is very good as well if you’re doing a blog post and you’re doing videos about it, you can kind of help boost both of them at the same time. And also, don’t forget to link your actual website to your YouTube. There’s not been too many cases on this, but I’ve seen where people have linked it and it helped them when their YouTube videos are doing better, that their actual website is getting boosted up in the search as well.

Thank you guys for reading, I hope you enjoyed this four part of how to get high quality backlinks. Tell me if these are videos that you like, if you want me to compress it all into one, I could still do that if it’s too many videos for you.

But I didn’t wanna make it too long. But tell me that in the comments, or different tips and questions you may have on how to build different backlinks. Don’t forget to like, share this video, and smash that subscribe button right now on this ariticle as well. And thank you guys for watching, I’ll see you in the next one.

How to Build High Quality Backlinks for Free in 2017 – Part #4

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