How to Build High Quality Backlinks for Free in 2017 – Part #2

Hey guys, Xavier Kelly again, and on this video I’m gonna walk you through how to get high quality backlinks to your website. This is part two. If you haven’t seen part one, make sure you check that out in description as well, and then go watch that one.

It would be another video you can watch to help give you some more tactics, to get more backlinks. But other than that, let’s get straight into it. So stay tuned to learn more.

Like always guys, I’m gonna leave all the links and resources down in the description so make sure you check that out at the end of the video.

Number one: Submit guest blog posts to other people’s blogs. This is a very great strategy, to not just SEO-wise, but also to tap into someone else’s audience, and it’s kind of mutually beneficial as well.

You see a lot of founders or industry experts using this to leverage other industry websites to build their audience as well, and this is something you should look to doing.

You might not can’t get onto INC or business weekly, but it’s a good chance that you might be able to get onto someone else’s blog who’s in the same industry as you, maybe get on their blog and work something where they post on your blog and you post on theirs, and just work your way up until you get to a point where you can possibly do that.

Two: Answer questions in Yahoo Answers, or Stack Overflow if you’re a developer, or Quora. I don’t know if I’m saying that right, but I think that’s what it’s called, it’s in page two. I have done actually all three of those. And this is a good way to get backlinks, especially ’cause you can use those when you use your blog posts as actually a source, and you can link back to it from that source of different things that you’ve figured out.

It’s a good thing to do for your answers and you can be able to really build a lot of backlinks and help a lot of people answering questions, and then using your actual blog post as sources for those questions.

Three: Submit your blog post to different directories, blogging directories. These could be Top of the Web or any of these other blogging directories that other bloggers are on, or your niche blogging sites are on, but this is basically to give you a little extra boost.

And for those people who are searching on those sites, looking for different topics, this helps them be able to find you and also gives you a very good juicy back link that can be from a PR seven site, which is Patrient site of seven or something higher or in that range.

Four: Network with other bloggers in your niche, online or offline, this really helps out ’cause maybe one of the bloggers are doing a piece, and then you can help out on it, or they can use one of your blog posts as a reference. And it’s a good way you could do it ’cause you see a lot of people building communities offline and online for bloggers.

So it’s a good thing to join into, and also it helps you really connect with the community, and for them to help you share your content and get a broader audience.

Five: Share the majority of your blog posts to your social media audience, but make sure you tailor the message to which audience you’re gonna actually do on your social media account. This is a good way to distribute your content out there, especially when you have a certain take on it, or you’re asking a question, and then something for them to be able to respond to your article or your video you’re putting out there, but it’s another good way to actually build some good high quality back link for your individual blog posts.

Thank you guys for reading. I hope you enjoyed this article. I hope this article helped you figure out different ways of getting high quality backlinks to your website or blog. I hope you take this advice and really use all of these right here, from part one and part two. Don’t forget to like, share and comment down below.

How to Build High Quality Backlinks for Free in 2017 – Part #2

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