4 Tips to Well start SEO for your Ecommerce site

The SEO is a fast developing machine that follows the latest trends of search engine algorithms.

Since SEO, everyone is looking for the easiest way to get to the first search engine results pages with minimal effort.

They must be in the back of the mind that search engines always try to rely on the perception and thinking of real users to make decisions.

So do not think twice, and try to optimize your customers’ experience, as it is a long-term investment.

Tip 1 – Ensure a clear website architecture Your page should be easy to understand.

The largest e-commerce solutions offer category options that you should definitely use.

PrestaShop has very powerful options that will quickly lead your visitors to the product they need.

This also helps search engines to understand which pages are the most important and which products are linked. So make sure that your visitors get a maximum of 3 clicks for each of your products.

Tip 2 – You need a content-oriented strategy The second important point is detailed and original product pages. Search engines use the content of your pages to see what is important in them and which keywords are used to display your page.

The content of your website must be original and in no way come from another website.

Rank Penalties due to copied content, also known as Google Panda, can be devastating for your website! Creating content can be very time-consuming.

But you will not get good results if search engines can not understand what your site is about! Use related terms and phrases.

Tip 3 – Increase Your Popularity Level The popularity level is an important aspect in search engine algorithms.

It is measured on the basis of the number and quality of the links that lead to your websites from other websites.

For example, you can link to bloggers and try to reach new links by closing partnerships with other sites in your area and sharing links.

In this way you can increase the number of qualified visitors on your website, your popularity level and your sales!

Tip 4 – Be yourself! Be creative! And last, be innovative! The quality of your pageviews, measured at the session time and the bounce rate, is becoming more and more important for your search engine results.

The PrestaShop community offers thousands of customizable options that will give your visitors a unique experience.

Increase the rate of recurring visitors, and the session will bring you to the search engine results pages.

Google Analytics is a very valuable tool for monitoring your visitors’ behavior.

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